Special funds made to measure

Flexible and needs-based fund solutions

For more than two decades, we have been developing special real estate funds and AIFM-regulated investment vehicles under German and Luxembourg law. The KanAm Grund Group has launched ten special funds for institutional investors: With properties from all risk classes, a range of usage types, different geographical focuses and other investor-specific requirements.

We know that institutional investors from Germany, Europe and Asia have different requirements for their real estate allocations. As an independent, fully licensed capital management company, we are excellently positioned to respond to this. You benefit from the experience of a leading specialist – with an extensive network, unique expertise and a proven track record.

Risk classes:
Core, core plus value-add und development

Regional focus:
Germany, Europe and North America

Type of use:
Offices, logistics, residential, hotels, retail, ...  

Additional requirements:
E.g., focus on public sector tenants

Special KanAm Grund Group funds

Region: Northern Germany
Use: Offices, retail, hotels, residential
Risk classes: Core, Core Plus

Region: Southern Germany
Use: Offices, retail, hotels, residential
Risk classes: Core, Core Plus, Value-add

Region: Germany
Use: Offices
Risk classes: Core
Additional requirements: Use by the public sector with long-term rental agreements

Region: Germany, United Kingdom
Use: Offices, hotels
Risk classes: Core, Core Plus, Value-add

Region: European cities
Use: Offices
Risk classes: Core, Core Plus

Region: Europe
Use: Offices, selected retail, hotels
Risk classes:  Core, Core Plus, Value-add, Development

Region: Europe
Use: Offices
Risk classes: Core
Additional requirements: Public institutions as users

Region: Europe
Use: Residential (students), boarding houses, offices
Risk classes: Development

Region: France
Use: Offices, retail
Risk classes: Core, Core Plus, Value-add, Development

KanAm Grund European Commercial Opportunities

Region: Europe
Use: Offices, retail and residential
Risk classes: Core, Core Plus und Value-add

KanAm Grund European Cities Residential

Region: lorem
Use: Residential with a focus on multi-family housing, student housing, co-/micro-living, healthcare properties
Risk classes: Core, Core Plus

KanAm SPEZIAL grundinvest Fonds: Investor portal

“We expanded our range of special funds for institutional investors at the beginning of 2024 to include a European residential real estate fund and an ECO fund.”

 Sascha Schadly, Managing Director

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